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IIPM Ranking - Factseveryone must know about this premier b-school ranking!

Fact - IIPM refused to take part in rankings whenever requested by various magazines until 2002, because the institute did not believe that journalists who have no business education, much less a understanding of how to teach business, could try to rank the courses offered.

Fact - IIPM took part in Outlook's 2003 survey, after Editor Sandeep Deb and C-FORE (research agency with 3 employees, owner Palety is related to Outlooks publisher - talk about bias!!) said they would use only objective methodology so that no bias would creep in.

Fact - IIPM was Ranked 4th in Industry Interface in the country, by Outlook survey. Industry Interace measure how corporates and faculty and srudents interact, and is an objective measure.

Fact - IIPM was ranked 7th in International Linkages - professors from Harvard, Kellogg, Columbia, Stanford and many other leading b-schools worldwide come to IIPM and teach. Exchange programs and research tie ups with Yale School of Management are well known.

Fact - IIPM was ranked 5th in Extra curricular activities - students at IIPM have won competitions at the IIM's and every other institute they have attended - the focus on Leadership and Communication at IIPM shows!!

Then, when C-FORE put up a website Indiabschools, Palwety came to IIPM to ask for registration fee to show the rnakings on his website. IIPM refused on ethical grounds. Palety then created subjective parameters in the survey, and ranked IIPM 47, 48, 50th in all these subjective parameters - out of 50 b-schools!! Pathetic comercialisation of journalism and thins rankings hoopla is exposed!

Further, Palety C-FORe issued a press statement saying IIPM removed from the rankings for providing bad data - an accusation the Outlook people and Sandeepan Deb specfically refuted in the media (refer Hindustan Times)

Recently in 2005, Outlook, in a bid to force IIPM to spend money on advertsing in its magazine and buying bulk subscriptions, then asked IIPM to participate one again in its survey - IIPM refused, quite reasonably. Interestingly, most of the IIM's and ISB also refused.

Then, Outlook issued notices in its own magazine saying IIPM could not use the 2003 rankings in their promotional material any more, as the ranking had now been withdrawn. Ridiculous, since, across all parameters, the institue has improved constantly over the past 2 years. Further, a blatant effort at arm twisting an institute into spending money on essentially buying rankings.

Other publications, including India TOday, Business TOday and Business Barons, have placed IIPM in the TOp 10 on various parameters... but the institute has never actively participated in these surveys, and has sent notices to thesepublications requestng that their name not be used in any rankings.

That is the truth... how media uses the rankings to get advertisements and revenue. Corruption and illegitimacy surround this exercise. And an institite which is changing the country, creating entrepreneurs and managers, is embroiled in it, and only wants to continue its mission, without having to face interference from meddlesome and profiteering researchers and publications. IIPM was founded by Dr. MK Chaudhuri – he is the Director at the institute today, and has taught Economics at IIM – Bangalore and XLRI. The institute’s prospectus has his detailed profile….


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Blogger ashi said...

do something about Rashmi's artcile, on jam magazine. Send these guys a legal notice

8:49 AM  
Blogger Jam said...

Man, I m simply too amazed at the way IIPM is moving up both the rankings ladder as well as in the perception of other b schoolers. Could you throw some insight into how and why this was made possible, so that other premier b Schools might learn from the IIPM experience.


10:06 PM  
Blogger Soham Pablo said...

So you have a friend called 'molotov' ? I have one called 'kalashnikov'.

1:35 AM  
Blogger Pradyot said...

I didn't know that IIPM had ethical grounds!! That they actually refused to pay money for publicity.

Also could you refer to that institute’s prospectus where details of faculty's profile are give and tell me what are qualifications of "Prof." Arindham... since his site fails to do so.

4:17 AM  
Blogger Sarin said...

mast hai dost.... i can't really recall anyone who i know "thinking beyond the iim's" ... :-P

9:52 AM  
Blogger Sachin Khandekar said...

Lets analyze your "facts" one by one.

1. Industry interface - You said that is "Industry Interace measure how corporates and faculty and srudents interact".
How corp and students interact is a very subjective parameter how can you call it objective? Refer to Arindham Chaudhury's comment on how industry interface was calculated based. It was linked to the extent of consulting revenues generated by the institute. Planman consulting is a sister arm of IIPM - no wonder then it would show a high amount of consulting revenues (as IIPM is a profit organization, not a social one)
I would expect the following from an industry interface -
a. Joint research by the institute and corporate (for eg, Cisco and IIML for advanced queing theories on routers)
b. Number of professionals coming to your insti for guest lec/sessions
c. Revenues in industry consulting

How does IIPM score on these grounds?

2. International Linkages
Does IIPM have any student/faculty exchange program with any foreign institute? Do foreign students come here in India (as they do to the IIMs) to do one trimester?
Do IIPM students go to foreign universities for an entire trim? What exchange program with Yale are you talking about?
Do you think that international linkage is only to do with some faculty giving a 2 hour session?

3. Extra curricular activities
What competitions are you talking about dude? I haven't heard a single IIPM dude come to an IIM and win a competition. (except for some antakshari rounds that I may not be aware of) Can you provide details instead of just making some generic statements like students at IIPM have won competitions at the IIM's?

4. IIPM, as per my knowledge has been in existence since more than 25 years. Over these years,did they think that ALL journalists are biased? And that they were absolutely incapable of judging how great IIPM was? You must be joking!

5. All your allegations on Outlook, C-FORE et al are just grapewine. How can we believe that you are indeed telling us the truth? You started the article with "facts". How come you suddenly shifted gears to "opinions"?

Afterall this, I wish to tell you one superarching fact

FACT - IIPM is just exaggerating. You are also doing the same.

Give us something rational and believable.

12:34 PM  
Blogger K said...

I believe Sandipan Deb will ask you to shut down this blog if he discovers slander in his name.

8:06 AM  
Blogger K said...

What notices did you send BT, IT and BB?

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its clear that only confirmed morons have joined IIPM in the past and there will be many confirmed morons who will join IIPM in the future. No amount of blogging can save any moron from joining IIPM. So IIPM management have actually proved that (a) they are morons when they sued and protested. (b) they don't know that they are morons and need bloggers to tell them that. (c) they don't know that their students are morons and need bloggers to tell them that

11:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

IIPM founder MK Chaudhuri who is not a doctorate in anything was appointed as an agent at IIM Bangalore for only a month and never taught there at all.

11:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to IIMB sources, Malay joined and was forced to leave IIMB within a month in 1973 as he was appointed an agent for IIMB and was based in Delhi. He never took any classes at IIMB and cannot be called an eminent professor of IIMB by any stretch as he was neither eminent nor professor. His eminence lies primarily creating Arindam and in listing second year students in IIMP Delhi like blogger Andy as professors in other centers.

11:45 AM  
Blogger Ashish Singh said...

That Joker Malay Choudhuri, did his Msc,Phd (in one year flat) and MPhil in 1971 from Berlin School of economics...which incidentally was founded in 1972....just a year AFTER Mr Malay Choudhuri graced it. Evidences are so lod and clear that even Ponytailed and papa-ponytailed can not refute. Check the sites of Berlin School of economics and the afidavit Mr Malay files while contesting for Lok sabha seat of Balasore in orissa in 2004. Either he misrepresented in 2004 or he is lying all through....both area criminal offence.....let us serve this joker a notice......Fraud father and fraud Son....and obviously a Fraud institute. Now all the jokers in IIPM send me a Legal notice if you feel like, i will use it as tissue paper.

5:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think, the IIPM is one of the best B-Schools not only in India but all around the world.

10:59 PM  
Anonymous hitesh A'bad said...

I can only say about IIPM that if anyone want to be success be ready to go IIPM.

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@hitesh A'bad

I definitely agree with you, if u want to find success go to IIPM coz there are a lot of stupids studying there and you can easily do better than them. Caution: Your success is restricted only to IIPM campus limits.

5:23 AM  
Blogger Bhai said...

I am impressed by the fact that you have been graced by the presence of eminent personalities in lectures. Please send me the link of the site where pictures of the same have been posted. Whenever any 'celebrity' visits the IIMs or IITs, they do not waste any time in splashing pictures on both official and personal websites / blogs. I would suggest that IIPM start doing the same to counter the allegations made by jealous people.

3:57 AM  
Blogger Anush said...

2:56 AM  
Blogger isai kutum said...

Iipm is a institute not recognised by UGC,AICTEor any other govt body run by father,son,and his daughter in law.please see wikey

7:37 PM  

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